Everything hand-made
Craftspeople use special tools to engrave traditional decors in the jars. Then the goods are painted with blue, brown or other natural colours.

Baked in an open fire
The jars are baked in an open fire. At 1,260 to 1,270 centigrade the sintering of the body takes place, i.e. the jar walls become dense.

Glazed with Cooking Salt
On the upper side of the oven, there are holes through which the potter pours in cooking salt. The salt evaporates and the vapour surrounds the jars. The sodium combines with the quartz in the clay and hence forms the salt glaze.

Live healthier with Nature
Salt-glazed ceramic products are natural, hygienic and absolutely free from harmful substances. The jars are very solid, you can even put them into the microwave oven or into the dishwasher. The Brottopf (bread pot) makes bread stay very much longer. Wine remains cool in the beaker and milk maintains its flavour and its energy in the mug

Give presents with pleasure
A unique, hand-made craft piece, given as a present, is always a sign of extraordinary esteem. We even produce your personal presents with individual names, club signs or other decors.

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